Regain is a no-junk sports recovery drink. Consisting of non-gmo and/or organic ingredients like coconut water, tart cherry juice and other fruit juices along with a pinch of salt. Regian aides in better hydration and muscle recovery than leading brands without the added sugar, dyes and chemical preservatives. 

We believe that you get out what you put in and Regain contains only quality ingredients. Our product is suitable for athletes of all ages  and has many practical uses as well! 

Check out what others have had to say and then try some for yourself! 

Features and Benefits

No Caffeine - Great For Kids!


Jason's story and the beginnings of Regain in Edgy Couture fashion magazine. 

Find out why Regain is better for you than leading sports drinks by reading our article at: 

Check out our interview on the

Crank Revolution Media podcast! 

We start at the 21 minute mark. 

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Our Ingredients

             Limeade                               Lemonade

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